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Vehicle Replacement Insurance

Insurance in general and auto insurance in particular is constantly evolving to meet new risks, exposures and financial conditions.  One such area you may have had heard about recently involves the rapid depreciation of automobiles vs the often outstanding financing loan.  With low interest rates cars are now being financed  much longer.  Imagine having your car written off after 3 years for $20,000 and still having 3 more years on a car loan of $10,000?

With this financial risk in mind, one insurer has stepped up to help address this.  Introducing Optiom Prime an insurer who specializes in addressing several areas of risk which fall outside the scope of regular car insurance companies.

If you are concerned about –

– The depreciated value of your car after a crash

– Your car being written off with an outstanding loan

– The reduced or diminished value of your car after accident repairs

– Your lease or finance agreement stipulates OEM (original equipment) parts are required (insurers only pay for lowest cost part or after-market).

– Needing a longer car rental while shopping for a replacement car

You may be underinsured and Optiom Prime should be considered.  Optiom Prime ( https://prime.optiom.com/) is an easily affordable, month-by-month or year-by-year extendable vehicle replacement plan!

In 2017, because of longer finance terms over 40% of Canadians who financed their vehicles rolled in negative equity from their previous vehicle loan at an average of $6,700 per vehicle. Extended term loans, which are loans with terms of longer than 6 years, now make up approx. 60% of the portfolios of the largest Canadian auto financing companies. The average term for a car loan is now 74 months.

Optiom Prime can fill the gap in your current coverage by providing comprehensive vehicle replacement protection (whether you purchase or lease a new or used vehicle). It can also contribute towards your loan/lease obligations in the event your vehicle is a total loss and written off by your primary auto insurer.

~Everyone qualifies for coverage and is available for both New Vehicles &
Used Vehicles up to 10 model years old ~

Premiums Star at only $20/Month

To learn more about how Optiom Prime please call or drop us an email (info@INSUREPLUS.com) contact us today!